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This Dog Got a Rainbow Makeover to Look Like a Lisa Frank Character

How far would you travel to give your dog a makeover? One stylish pup flew from Northern California all the way down to San Diego, on a flight that covers more than 300 air miles and takes nearly two hours (!!!) to complete. But this wasn't your typical, run-of-the-mill trim. Molly the chihuahua mix visited an award-winning dog stylist who gave her a fresh cut and a whole new personality.

Gabriel Feitosa is a world-famous dog groomer from Brazil who first began his career at a local shop in his small town. In the decades since, Gabriel has traveled internationally to learn from and compete against "some of the most influential people in the industry." Needless to say, Molly's journey was worth it to score one of his unique stylings. This pup transformed from an average pet to the Lisa Frank mascot of every '90s child's dreams. Check out her new 'do below!


Molly flew in from northen California for a #lisafrank makeover! #cutedog #chihuhauamix #doggroomer

? About Damn Time - Lizzo

The video posted to @gabrielfeitosagrooming, shows the adorable chihuahua mix trotting into the salon with her natural hair. Gabriel shows the color palette that will be used to create Molly's look before getting started. (He made sure to note that all the dyes and products he uses are non-toxic and specially developed for pets.) The talented groomer carefully outlines black spots all over the dog's body before filling them with vibrant colors, both inside and out. It's not long before Molly starts to look like the cover of an iconic Lisa Frank notebook! Next, he shaves down her long hair so the details and color really pop. The final touch is a quick trim to her fluffy tail.

Molly prances out to greet her owner in the lobby with some newfound confidence, and it's clear she loves her new style. Just look at that tail wag!

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