Bella the Chihuahua Is Famous for Her Impressive Dance Moves

If there's one thing that social media is good for, it's adorable dog videos. TikTok and Instagram have brought us pooches who love parkour, puppies learning to howl, and doggos who just can't contain their zoomies. We didn't think it could get much cuter than that, but there's one four-legged TikTok star who may be top dog: Bella the dancing Chihuahua.

Known to followers as @Bellanjanie, this 8-year-old pup (along with her owner!) loves to dance. Sometimes she can be a bit camera shy and will only dance if her owner, Janie, kicks off the moves—but once the music starts and her best human friend gets grooving, Bella dances like a pro! In one of her recent videos, the tiny dog makes a rare solo appearance and shuffles around to "Jersey Anniversary" on her hind legs.

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The majority of Janie and Bella's joint account shows clips of the pair living it up and dancing together to all kinds of tunes. Seriously—this cheeky Chihuahua can two-step to just about any beat. In other viral video with more than 34 million views, Bella shows off her smooth moves by jumping into the frame while her owner is dancing to the chart-topping hit "About Damn Time." One commenter said it best: "That pup made you a background dancer in your own TikTok." Sorry, Janie!


Dc: @jaedenraegomez

? About Damn Time - Lizzo

While Bella is adorable and will most certainly brighten your day, some viewers haven't been so kind to the dancing duo. Many people were concerned that Janie was forcing Bella to dance around on her hind legs, so Janie posted a Q&A about their routines to set the record straight. For many dogs, including Chihuahuas, putting excessive weight on their hind legs cause damage to their bones and muscles. Janie assured their followers that this is not something she taught Bella to do and is not something she encourages; Bella never gets rewarded with treats for joining in the dances. Janie even tried to get Bella to stop at one point, but the dancing queen was not having it. This little pup has got to dance, and dance she will!

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