Lexi The Jumping Dog

Meet Lexi The "Barkour" Champion

Everyone has heard of parkour. But what about barkour? 

If dog owners spend enough time dog training, they can get a new puppy to follow basic commands and start to learn some more advanced tricks, especially if they are smarter dog breeds like a Border Collie or a German Shepherd.

However, some pups have a tendency to perform some pretty spectacular tricks, especially when they are a high-energy breed, like a Jack Russel Terrier or a German Pointer. Enter Lexi, the barkour dog. This sweet, talented puppy has a TikTok filled with compilations of her doing the most magnificent parkour.

Lexi Barkour Dog


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? original sound - Patty b

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In a trending dog #parkour video, Lexi jumps from wall to wall in her backyard, all to the sound clip from "The Office." Michael Scott's voice yelling, "Parkour," makes the impressive doggies stunts even better. This dog jumps from the ground to the top of the wall with ease and back down again. Lexi is a pointer mix who takes zoomies to a whole new level.

The video posted on Lexi's page, Lexithejumpingdog, has gotten over 3m views. Of course, using hashtags like #foryoupage and fyp #foryou doesn't hurt either. Though it is pretty hilarious, this little girl is the most ninja-like dog I have ever seen. In a few of her videos, she even hangs out on top of the wall, checking out the squirrels as they play on the other side.

She rarely misses, and if she does? She just tries again.

TikTok absolutely loves this girl. Mrod commented, "OMG imagine someone who's scared of dogs thinking they are safe, and this dog does this! They would die."

Bgrayrose4 commented, "You got bamboozled. They gave you a squirrel."

Lexi's owner caused a bit of a stir too. Some people on Twitter were convinced that he looks like a younger Justin Timberlake. If you take a pic,  do a quick glance, you can see it.

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