Talented Dog Hilariously Howls Along to Owner's Saxophone Practice

I live with three hounds and they all howl when they see rabbits, horses or hear sirens. The sound they make in unison is hilarious! At least I think it's funny but I'm not sure how my neighbors feel about it.

Spending time with our four-legged friend is important so if that means they join band practice than bring it on! My three hounds would be so loud if they were singing along to just about any instrument.

This hilarious dog howls while its owner practices with his saxophone, evidently, this dog feels admiration for the music, since it does not lose any opportunity to sing along with its owner. Most dogs follow their owners everywhere and try to do many things to strengthen friendship ties, however, this dog seems to have developed an excellent musical taste, as it always accompanies its owner when it comes time to play the musical instrument. This dog has a talent for music!

What is it with dogs howling? Is it only certain dog breeds that howl or would any dog possibly howl along to this saxophone?

I know a lot of dog owners that play classical music when they're away from home to create a calming effect. Perhaps dogs really want to howl along when they're in the mood. Or when they hear loud sounds they're compelled to 'sing' more often. My dogs don't have a lot of talent when it comes to singing but I think this dog is nailing the tune and the melody of the music.

It's all about the bonds of friendship and whether or not your dog has a sharp ear and can follow along with the melody and musical notes doesn't really matter. They don't need a Grammy Award and they aren't trying out to be the vocalist of the band! You can even try to get your dog howling by singing. See what they do! Invite your pit bull along to your band practice and you may be stunned to find out they also will howl along.

Enjoy this dog hilariously howling along with his owner's band practice and let us know if you try this at home.

What do you think of this dog's beautiful howling, I mean music? Let us know in the comments section!

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