Lion Chases Truck
YouTube: Cameron Hanes

The Time an Angry Lioness Decided to Angrily Chase Cameron Hanes' Truck in Tanzania

Lions will chase vehicles given the chance.

In Africa, everyone and everything fears the lion. With good reason, they are apex predators that are perfectly adapted for killing the many types of prey that sulk around the African bush. They are expert ambush predators that will be on top of you before you know it.

While most experts believe that lions are not naturally man eaters, they still kill more humans than probably any other predator animal on Earth. Something that Cameron Hanes was reminded of on one of his bowhunting trips to Africa.

The famous bowhunter was in Tanzania one morning when an angry lioness busted out of the brush and started chasing the truck he was riding in, leaving the group no choice but to drive out of there quickly as the cat continued her pursuit.

Hanes recently reposted this awesome, if brief, encounter on his Instagram page. Many people would love to see a lion in the wild. Just not in the context of this video! The group was fortunate that they were all already sitting in a vehicle and were able to simply drive away. Because that lion was coming in on a string with a purpose, and that was to do some damage!

In his Instagram caption, Hanes joked that: "In America dogs chase cars, occasionally in Africa, lions do the same."

We love the casual attitude by the guys in the back of the truck. It makes us wonder how often they see something like this with a lion chasing after a vehicle. Fortunately for everyone and the animal involved, this did not escalate into something much uglier.

The larger lesson here is to always keep your head on a swivel if you are visiting any part of Africa. One just never knows when one of these big cats is going to make a charge out of the brush at you!

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