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Let's Break Down Sitka Gear's Polygiene Odor Control System

Let's keep all the big words out and simplify exactly what the Polygiene odor control system is that Sitka Gear is using.

Let's face it: every year, it seems like something new is coming out in an effort to control our odor and increase our chances in the field. We've seen it all from cover scents, scent eliminator sprays, activated carbon, zeolites, polymers, antimicrobials and plenty more. Most of the time, we watch a TV commercial, they show a molecule (or whatever it is) being attacked by the product they use, and now we think we are scent free.

Let's get real, or at least, let's simplify. To understand how any of the above work, and before you can understand how Polygiene works, we need to understand exactly what odor is. When it comes to humans, we sweat. Oftentimes in the early season or spring turkey seasons, we sweat much more than normal.


On its own, sweat does not cause odor, but the bacteria growing in your garment can. This is why I love to use the Scent Crusher Ozone system which helps kill any bacteria growing in my garment before putting it on my body. Humans have over two million sweat glands so you won't prevent sweating, but you need to get to the bacteria before it gets to your sweat and creates an odor.


Bacterial growth, not sweat, is responsible for the nasty smell and odor we associate with physical activity. The bacteria can then multiply in textile and sweaty environments, causing that pungent aroma.

Other Scent Control Methods

There are so many scent control methods out today it will make your head spin. You will often wonder which is "the best" but in reality, they all do slightly different things.

For example, cover scents do exactly that, covers scent. Since you are not getting rid of the bacteria that causes odors, you will still have human odors present. Only now you are just masking them in hopes that the deer smells more of the cover scent rather than your odor. Does it work? Sure, some swear by it, but I have had more bad experiences than good ones with cover scent, and therefore my personal preference is to do without.

Zeolites and synthetic zeolites, uses adsorption which basically captures and holds on to the human odor. Synthetic zeolite, like the ones found in Under Armour, will only adsorb human odors. It does not adsorb anything that isn't human odor. This means odors from your vehicles, deer, dog and more. It is reactivated after washing in a normal washing machine and cleaned of the bacteria it had captured.

Activated carbon was a huge introduction into the industry because as many know, carbon is great for cleaning. "Activated" carbon is just a fancy term for increased surface area. To break that down even more, if you were to paint a piece of wood then cut it in half, thus increasing it's surface area, you have two more sides to capture paint. Take that piece of wood and turn it into saw dust and you have a great amount of surface area.

With activated carbon's increased surface area and also using adsorption it can hold a great amount of odors. This is reactivated in a dryer cycle on high heat.

Polygiene and how it differs from the others.

Polygiene is a brand name that represents an odor control system. This system was picked up by Sitka Gear and has been a buzz word in the hunting industry. Polygiene, uses low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride), which has antimicrobial properties.

Let's break that down because we are beginning to sound like scientists. 

Silver chloride is mother natures way of stopping bacterial growth. You can find it in soil and water in nature. The silver chloride used in Polygiene comes from recycled silver. This is a bacterial stunt machine and has gone through sensitivity skin tests concluding it does not interfere with any of the natural bacteria on your skin. Ultimately, it means it is safe to wear and use.

The low concentrations of silver salts has antimicrobial properties which safely eliminate the ability for bacteria and fungi to grow. Let's slow that down so we can understand what that means. Antimicrobials actually penetrate the cell wall of the bacteria and disrupts it's key functions. Basically, it makes the bacteria unable to function, grow or reproduce which even more simplified means that the bacteria will not have a chance to develop an odor.

Why does Sitka Gear use Polygiene?

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Well, without asking them directly there are obvious benefits to using Polygiene. It was developed for active wear to retard the odor-causing bacteria while helping with moisture control of the human body. Sitka Gear understands that hunters push boundaries. They understand that when there is a challenge for a hunter, hunters look to overcome that challenge regardless of distance, height or time. Sitka Gear knows that those who wear their gear want comfortability in design, discreetness in appeal and to provide something more than just apparel, they provide gear. They want their users to know that when they wear Sitka Gear, they have on gear that will attack the odor-causing bacteria before it gets a chance to become an odor. That, in my opinion, is why Sitka Gear chooses Polygiene.

Of course there are other reasons as well, but those are in regards to long term use of the gear. Polygiene keeps garments odor-free and wearable longer, which saves water, energy and time. To keep it simple, you stay fresh longer, wash less and have more time for hunting.

The combination of Sitka Gear and Scent Crusher will without a doubt increase your success rate in the field. Last year was my best year hunting whitetails and I owe some of that to Sitka Gear and Scent Crusher. I am also not a person who gives success to products often, as I feel it takes away from my personal hard work and knowledge. However, combined, Scent Crusher uses ozone to kill the odor-causing bacteria that already exists, and my Sitka Gear, which uses Polygiene, attacks any of the bacteria that it comes in contact with in the field, thus preventing the bacteria from creating an odor. I like to think of myself as an odor-causing bacteria killing machine. With that kind of title, I have the confidence for success when even my number one hit-list buck comes in downwind of me.

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