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We Put the Scent Crusher Roller Bag to the Ultimate Test: Firefighter and Hockey Gear

scent crusher roller bag review

Is the Scent Crusher Roller Bag good enough to kill odors from sweaty hockey gear and smokey firefighter gear at the same time?

I love getting products that relate to scent control. One of my biggest avenues of failure in the whitetail woods has been due to my lack of scent control. I am not a fan of masking human odor with another odor like many cover scents do, because it doesn't rid the problem, it hides it.

So when the Scent Crusher product line came out, I needed to get my hands on one to try my best to see if it worked.

The idea of Ozone is actually backed by science, and creates some definitive, real effect. According to envronOzone, Ozone is "a powerful oxidizer, it is a very effective disinfecting agent and will kill germs, viruses, bacteria, molds and yeasts."

So what does this mean for us as hunters? This means that we aren't masking the odor of fuel, smoke, sweat, and other human odors, it means we are actually killing and getting rid of it.

Below is a video where I put to the test the Scent Crusher Roller bag and not only found I can find everything but the kitchen sink in this large bag, but it actually works at killing even the toughest of odors.

So how does that make an impact in the woods? It will help to hear about an experience I had not too long ago.

I sat and watched a buck bedded down 58 yards from me in the treestand, not offering me a shot for nearly four hours. As he lay there, I watched, filmed, and studied him. I watched his ears and kept the direction of the wind in mind. He was in a hollow and behind a log, and I knew it'd be tough to get a shot.

My buddy decided he was going to try to come in from the opposite direction and jump him out of his bed to try to push the deer to me. My friend worked his way toward me, but when he was still over 300 yards away, upwind, the buck suddenly stood to his feet in high alert.

Let me repeat that: he was over 300 yards away, the buck was down in a hollow, the wind was a slight breeze, and this buck instantly knew something was up. It had to have been his nose that alerted him.

It wasn't long after he stood that he bolted. That deer wasn't sticking around to find out what the scent was upwind of him, and he ran out of the hollow quicker than you could imagine.

Use proximity to your advantage 

Scent control is real, and it's really important. Many hunters in the past have killed bucks with cigars in their mouths and cologne on, but it's the number of bucks they didn't kill or even see because of the lack of scent control that really adds up.

So with that in mind, I've got to say the Scent Crusher products are legit. I have already used my bag on several hunts this season and recently had two deer downwind and under my treestand. Both were unafraid and clueless to my whereabouts.

If you are on the edge of buying one of these bags, it's worth noting that the duffle bag is nice and is a tad larger than your normal duffle, but the roller bag is quite large. I personally like the roller bag, as I can fit much of my gear in there including my backpack and other items I bring with me hunting.

Ozone and Scent Crusher are two things I'm happy to have on my side this hunting season and I think you will find that you will as well.

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We Put the Scent Crusher Roller Bag to the Ultimate Test: Firefighter and Hockey Gear