46% of Women Find Men More Attractive with This in Their Dating Profile Picture

A recent study shows it can be a good move to men hold a fish in your dating profile picture as a man.

Dating apps and websites all over are extremely common in today's day in age. According to a recent study by FishBrain, a fishing app designed to "connect anglers to make fishing dreams come true...", they have found the secret for men to lure women into swiping right.

FishBrain found that 22% of young Florida men, between the ages of 18 and 35 years, had a profile picture holding a fish on one of the worlds most popular dating apps, Tinder. They then asked over 1000 members of a sorority to answer a survey to see if men, not only were more attractive holding a fish in their picture, but which fish made them appear more attractive.

The results were very interesting as they found that 46% of these young women were more attracted to photos of men who were holding a fish. The women who found these men more attractive were then moved on to another study, similar to their questionnaire on their website, to find if there was a fish that made the men appear more attractive than others.

The results below, were taken from their study.

Gentlemen, time to reel 'em in. Next time you are on your online dating app and have the option to go with the weight room selfie or last weekends Great Northern Tilefish trophy picture, choose accordingly, it could be the difference between you being Hot or Not!