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Guy Fishes Baltimore's Inner Harbor and Attracts More Than Just Fish

Rumor has it, if you eat one fish a month from the Baltimore Inner Harbor, you die in five years' time.

That's what 1Rod1ReelFishing wrote in his caption of the video below. Truth is, the Baltimore Inner Harbor, truly is one of the most polluted waterways in all of Maryland. There are signs surrounding the harbor warning of the dangers of touching the water, let alone ingesting a fish removed from the waters.

The guy in the video takes to Maryland with a great attitude, thinking his initial catch would come out with multiple heads, but to his surprise, his first fish was a striper. A white perch followed. After catching a small handful of fish, he is met by a stranger full of information.

His name is Shawn, he is from Washington D.C. and has obviously been through a lot. A great opportunity for the two to discuss the snakes and fish in the harbor ends abruptly, however, when the Baltimore City Police advise that fishing at that location was illegal. He quickly stops fishing, checks out the one of ten snakes in the corner and heads out.

Check it out below:

So there may have been some exaggeration in the number of snakes, nothing else of course. You never really know what you'll find in Baltimore. Baltimore has a lot to offer if you ever visit, just don't eat the fish from the inner harbor.

There are attempts being made to clean up the Baltimore Inner Harbor's waters. Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore is currently working on a project to clean inner harbor. They claim that the waters will be swimmable and fishable by 2020.

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