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Sitka Unveils a Camo-Pattern Designed for Close Encounter Stalking

Your 2017 hunting season is going to be your year to hunt from the ground, with the new Subalpine design from Sitka.

"Subalpine is the culmination of years of hard work, research, and field observation from dedicated hunters," says David Brinker, Big Game Marketing Manager at Sitka Gear. "We designed the Subalpine pattern specifically for vegetated environments, giving hunters the ability to better engage animals at closer distances."

sitka gear subalpine

Designed for the early season, the Subalpine launch will include the new and improved version of Sitka's Ascent Series. The system is designed to get you closer to the game while going undetected.

"Whether you are charging up a steep incline or ambushing game at close quarters in thick timber, the Ascent Series simply performs," said John Barklow, Product Developer at Sitka.

Sitka Gear has before produced a pattern designed for stalking with their Concealment Open Country pattern. It was designed for 50 yards and beyond. The Subalpine pattern is a lightweight, early season pattern that allows for extreme close encounters.

sitka gear

The Gore Optifade Concealment design is the first concealment system designed around animal vision and not human eyesight. Technology, science and extreme field tests is not what makes, but ensures Sitka Gear performs for those who use it. Sitka Gear also featured advanced fabrics and construction techniques, engineered to excel in silent areas resulting in less disruptions and noise while trying to get close to your game animal.

Sitka gear is designed with an anti-microbial Polygiene treatment that helps reduce body odor. The system is also designed for you to add and subtract layers to ensure comfortability.

Right now you can jump on the prelaunch list by heading to Sitka's website. Don't miss out on an opportunity to own one of the most comfortable, durable and concealed hunting systems in the industry.

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