Big Shark
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Unleashed Dogs Run Into Water, Dangerously Play With School of Sharks

When your dogs get loose and try to tackle a big shark, does it matter whose fault it is?

First of all, we don't condone letting your dogs get in the water with a top-level saltwater predator in any way. Sometimes pets get overly excited when their handlers don't have any control over them.

In this video, a woman can be heard yelling, trying to get this "pack" out of the water as a rather large shark (possibly a bull shark) swims excitedly around them.

Are these dogs really chasing the shark? It certainly looks that way. Or, is the shark really trying to eat any of these dogs

Here's what it looks like when four dogs get in the water and start playing with one of the ocean's most feared predators.

Clearly these dogs didn't see that scene in Jaws where the dog gets chomped. The very first time that the shark appeared in the video, it looked like it "kicked" hard and came right in for the kill, and it's a wonder that it didn't succeed. To be fair to the dogs, they have never seen a shark before. And they have no idea of the dangers associated with such a fish. It's possible that the shark changed its mind or was merely curious, but if that big shark had wanted some hound for lunch, they would have been down to three dogs.

Getting your animals under control is a part and parcel of basic obedience, but once they are outside with a distraction like this, anything can happen. This is why it's a good idea to keep your animals on a leash as much as possible. 

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