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Charter Captain Catches 1,000-Pound Tiger Shark Twice in 5 Years

Charter Captain Chip Michalove has caught this tiger shark before, but he's not the only one. 

The fact is, this very same tiger shark has been caught for the third recorded time! On Tuesday, July 10, lightning struck twice for the Outcast Sport Fishing charter. He and his crew—along with his two clients—caught, re-tagged and re-released this brute of a 1,000-pounder for the second time in five years.

This near-threatened shark species will eat everything from sea turtles to sea birds with impunity and keep coming for your bait as well. If you've seen "Jaws" lately, you may even believe that their stomach contents include things like license plates from the gulf stream states.

In 2013, Michalove and his crew attached a small tag to this same female tiger. In 2017, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources applied a larger, satellite-powered tag to her.

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The charter captain had been fishing off Hilton Head with a father and his two teenage sons when the big girl came back to play. After a 45-minute battle of wills, they had the big female alongside the charter craft.

"It was like hooking a tug boat," Michaklove said. "A tiger shark this size pulls like a dump truck."

Adult tiger sharks are generally found near coastal waters up and down the east coast of the U.S., all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. However, their range extends all around the world.

Michalove said the clients in question had asked for a challenge when they signed up, so how does he plan to top this one?

One thing is for certain: there's a 1,000-pound tiger shark still swimming out there!

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