Lego Bullets
YouTube: Top Shot Dustin

Lego Mini Figure Bullets Turn Out To Be Surprisingly Effective

What is worse than stepping on a Lego? How about being shot by one?

Most of the world has a love-hate relationship with Legos. They are beloved by many people for being a classic children's toy that allows kids to explore their creativity in a fun way. They are hated by parents because stepping on one with bare feet will make you wish you were dead.

Shooting YouTuber Top Shot Dustin ran across a gun and Lego meme on the Internet that played on the joke of stepping on Legos and made it into a reality. Because when he put the calipers on a Lego mini-figure head, he discovered the head was the exact same diameter as a .40 caliber bullet!

Once he realized that, there was only one way for this experiment to go. Yep, he made some handloads using Lego minifigure heads as the projectile and then shot them to see what would happen. The results are a bit surprising.

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Clearly the original meme was meant to be a joke because no one could have guessed how fast the minifigure heads would fly out of the barrel of a handgun. The first shots producing between 700 and 800 feet per second were impressive, but his second load of Lego bullets were doing 1,700 fps! That is faster than a normal, heavy .40 caliber full metal jacket!

Even hearing those speeds, we were not convinced this experiment could do any real damage until he got to the ballistics gel. It is hard to argue with the penetration we saw there. It never ceases to amaze us what works and what does not with firearms. We never would have guessed such a tiny and light piece of plastic was capable of such damage.

We know that there is an ammo shortage going on, but this is a ridiculous way to get around it! File this little bit of information away in case of a zombie apocalypse and you need to reload some ammo with no metal around we guess!

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