Lego Swimbait
YouTube: KickinTheirBASSTV

Angler Custom-Builds Lego Swimbait and Actually Catches a Bass With It

Can you really make a fishing lure from Lego bricks?

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we see some rather unusual fishing lures from time to time. People have tried all sorts of crazy things over the years in their quest to catch a big fish. That means they have tried attaching hooks to just about anything. Well, this video may be one of the most unusual things we have seen yet.

In this video from YouTuber KickinTheirBASSTV, these guys head to the toy aisle of their local store and pick up a box of ordinary Legos. They then use the pieces from the Legos to construct the world's most unusual swimbait and crankbait.

This is one of those ideas that is completely dumb. It cannot possibly work right? Well, watch and you may be surprised at the results!

At this point, I am fully convinced that a hungry bass will eat anything you throw at it given the right presentation at the right time. That bass not only struck a lure made of Legos, it hammered it! Sure, it may have taken them over five hours to make it happen, but a catch is a catch right? The Lego lure works! Who would have thought?

In case you were wondering, the crankbait also ended up catching a fish. You can see the results of that experiment in the video below. Kudos to these guys for doing something new and original!

Growing up I played with Legos all the time. Honestly, I am surprised I did not have this idea and try it years ago. This took more time and effort than you may realize. As these guys said, Legos float easily and will bob to the surface quickly. It took a little extra engineering and thinking to make these bait sink properly.

So, there you have it, a practical use of Legos for adults. And you thought they were just there to make your life miserable when you step on them!

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