World's Largest Fishing Lure
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World's Largest Fishing Lure Officially Certified as a Record

There is a new record for the world's largest fishing lure.

Generally, when we talk about fishing and world records here at Wide Open Spaces, we are referring to the size of the fish, but this news is an exception. It is now official. Lacombe, Alberta, Canada now holds the world record for the largest fishing lure in existence.

Global News reports that the giant 40 foot, 5.25-inch long spoon was finally certified as the Guinness World Record Holder only recently because the record application process is lengthy. Not only does it beat the previous record, it obliterates it. The old record in Texas is ONLY 15 feet, 6.72 inches. For the new record, the lure measures an incredible 27.5 feet long by nearly 9.5 feet wide. The treble hook is equally impressive, coming in at eight feet wide and 14 feet long. Imagine the big fish that could get hooked on that!

The new record is modeled off a Len Thompson spoon in the company's most popular color pattern, "Yellow & Red Five of Diamonds." Construction on the huge lure started last year to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Len Thompson Lures, also known as the Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. LTD, which has had their operations stationed in the city of Lacombe for over 60 years.

Much like the world's largest ball of twine, the company and city are probably hoping this thing will bring in some tourists. That is probably why the job of building this lure was a collaborative effort with the lure company, the Echo Lacombe Community Grant Fund and the Lacombe Fish and Game Association. The project was officially announced in March of 2019 with metal fabricators Comet Welding doing the major construction work. The company has pictures of the construction process on their website.

While the lure itself is darn cool, the lure's final location is even better. The city and company decided to put the giant spoon on permanent display at Len Thompson Pond, a stocked trout pond for anglers to come and enjoy some catch-and-release fishing after gawking at the size of the new world record lure.

The other cool thing is that the city and company are using the pond to host special youth days to introduce more kids to fishing. A fun roadside attraction and a way to recruit new anglers? We dig it. Sounds like a bucket list spot we need to visit!

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