Learn How Soil Samples Can Make Your Food Plots Better

If your food plots haven't been growing as well as you would like, soil samples can help you get them back on track.

In this short, informative video, Dr. Grant Woods gives tips on how to properly collect soil samples from your food plots and explains why they are useful for improving the production and growth of your deer food.

Conducting soil samples annually may seem like a boring science project, but it is the only way to accurately discover the levels of minerals and nutrients in your soil. Why would you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on seed, fertilizer, equipment, and fuel, then neglect to collect and send in a $20 soil sample?

Also keep in mind that, while food plots are a great way to feed and kill deer, natural food sources also make up a large portion of a deer's annual diet. By making other types of habitat improvements like hinge cutting, creating watering holes, or employing prescribed fires, you can hold more deer on your property and kill more bucks this fall.

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