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The Smart Way to Create Whitetail Habitat [VIDEO]

Jeff Sturgis, owner of Whitetail Habitat Solutions, knows a thing or two about how to harvest big bucks.

Watch this short video to see how he structures his habitat improvements to create the buck movements he's after.

Jeff Sturgis is a professional whitetail habitat manager and what he says in this video makes a lot of sense. If your goal is to shoot the deer you are feeding or providing cover, you need to place these habitat improvements strategically to limit hunter/deer interactions.

Creating water holes like the one in the video is another great way to keep bucks from leaving your property. The entire process of molding your deers' movements is outlined is Sturgis' book "Whitetail Success By Design." In the book, Jeff also discusses how to kill mature bucks on public land by identifying changes in cover types and areas with the most "stems per acre."

Pick up a copy today or read Sturgis' blog at

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The Smart Way to Create Whitetail Habitat [VIDEO]