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Use Hinge Cutting to Create Deer Bedding Areas and Grow Em’ Big [VIDEO]

Want to kill a big buck this fall? Get out your chainsaw and do some hinge cutting.

In this short, but informative, video, whitetail expert Steve Bartylla explains how to create deer bedding areas by hinge cutting trees.

Using this method, you can effectively choose the doe bedding area on your hunting land and increase your chances of bagging a trophy buck. Spring is the perfect time to make these improvements so that the area will have time to thicken up before the fall hunting season.

Watch the video to learn how it all works.

Hunters are always looking for ways to improve the habitat on their hunting properties and hinge cutting is one of the simplest and most effective ways of changing your deer herd’s habits. Compared to planting food plots, creating bedding areas is a snap and setting up near a doe bedding area could be your ticket to success during the rut.

In the video, Bartylla discusses some key points to remember while hinge cutting bedding areas.

  • On large trees, cut until they begin to fall. On smaller trees, cut 40-60% of the way through and bend the tree over.
  • Hire a professional. If you decide to take on the task yourself, wear a helmet with a facemask, ear protection, and chainsaw chaps to ensure safety. Always put safety first.
  • Hinge cut 1/4- to 1-acre areas where you want deer to bed. 
  • Drop the biggest trees first and lay smaller trees on top to create a false ceiling and open up the area to sunlight.
  • Focus on creating doe bedding areas and leave obvious buck bedding locations alone.
  • Let high timber value and dangerous trees stand.

Bartylla’s history of shooting big bucks is a testament to his expertise in habitat development. Using these hinge cutting techniques to create a doe bedding area could be all it takes to make this fall’s season the season of a lifetime.


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Use Hinge Cutting to Create Deer Bedding Areas and Grow Em’ Big [VIDEO]