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Learn the Right Way to Conduct a Trail Camera Survey

Grant Woods explains the best way to conduct a trail camera survey.

A trail camera survey will provide you with tons of information on the number of deer, buck/doe ratio, and the quality and age structure of the bucks on your property. However, the information is only useful if the survey is carried out right.

Watch the video to see how Dr. Grant Woods completes a trail camera survey of the deer on his property.

In review, to get the most out of your trail camera survey you should:

  • Pre bait your camera sites for 10 days before collecting 14 days worth of images.
  • Do your survey in August, when bucks are near their full growth and easy to identify as individuals.
  • Make a bait site every 60-100 acres, placing your attractant 15-20 feet from your camera.
  • Set your camera to take a picture every 5-10 minutes to avoid getting an unmanageable amount of images.
  • Place your bait sites near a trail or road for easy access.
  • Use the images provided by your trail camera survey to establish doe harvest guidelines for the upcoming season and to help you decide which bucks you will shoot if you get a chance.

Have fun and get ready for a great hunting season.


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Learn the Right Way to Conduct a Trail Camera Survey