wild deer

Law Finally Caught Up to the 2 Indiana Men Who Set Wild Deer on Fire

No matter what, the punishment won't be harsh enough to fit this crime. 

Recently in Indiana, one person of interest in the burning of an injured wild deer has been caught. As of the time of this release, the other suspect is still at large, but the law is closing in. According to the report18-year-old Christopher K. Hodges (on left) of Mentone has been arrested. However, Mark D. Shepherd, 20, also of Mentone, has a warrant for his arrest and still at large. 

From the evidence that the police were able to gather, Hodges and Shepherd hit a deer on the highway with their vehicle in pre-dawn hours of February 16th. From there, the two then saw the deer was still alive but severely injured. It was at that point, the two poured gasoline on the deer and set it on fire.

A joint investigation by the Fulton County Police and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources were able to match together a camaro driven by one of the pair and the likely damage caused recently from appeared to be a deer collision.

Congratulations to the law enforcement of Fulton county, Indiana for finding one of the two responsible. Here's to finding the other one very soon.

Once captured and charged, the two will face animal cruelty charges at the very least.