pro-gun children's book

This New Pro-Gun Children's Book is Being Received Surprisingly Well

A pro-gun children's book? Yep, one brave soul went there, and the response to the book speaks to how badly families needed it.

A new, overtly pro-gun children's book is currently for sale. Good Guys with Guns at Home, written by Susan Swift, is an easy-to-follow picture book designed for a very young audience that shows police, soldiers, and other heroes all carrying guns.

Swift recently said in an interview that her idea was born after an ugly incident took place her child's preschool during a Christmas event. As she described it, a parent became very upset after another child's father, who is a police officer, came to the same event in his uniform, carrying a gun. That parent had an issue with this.

"A liberal mom demanded that he leave because he had a gun and guns should not be in school," Swift said in the interview. "He was police officer in uniform, the best thing you could ever hope to be at your child's school in the event of any problem."

Eventually, the officer left, deciding it was in the school's best interest to calm the mother down. However, in response, that officer and his wife decided to pull their kid out of the school.

After the event, Swift talked to the pre-school teacher and encouraged her to teach her kids that guns aren't bad. Unfortunately, there are no children's books out there to communicate this. So, with that in mind, Swift made it happen with her book.

So far, Good Guys with Guns at Home has nothing but five-star reviews on Amazon, and Susan has received an outpouring of support and gratitude for finally making a pro-gun children's book. There have also been some kind words shared on Twitter.

I, for one, think this is a great idea and we should see more of it. It's a perfect example of what a pro-gun children's book should be. What do you think?