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Norway Angler Lands Largest Halibut Ever Caught from Shore

caught from shore
Daily Mail

This isn't something you hear about people catching from shore very often.

I think we all know halibut get pretty big. Some of the fish we see people catch off the Alaskan coast alone are jaw dropping. However, something has just happened in Norway that's a feat in its own right. David Wood-Brignall has officially landed the largest halibut ever caught from shore. Weighing in at just over 153 pounds and measuring out to 6 feet long, it's hard to imagine it's even possible.

As it was reported, Wood-Brignall jokingly stated in an interview that he felt like he'd hooked a bus once he set hooks into his record-breaking fish. The previous record stood at an impressive 111 pounds.

caught from shore

Even though this fish is big, it would still be considered a baby as far as boat-caught halibut go. Back in 2013, a 500-pound halibut was also caught in Norway. That fish measured out to just over 8 feet. The largest halibut caught in Alaska was 459 pounds, recorded back in 1996.

Regardless of the size, it's still one impressive fish. As the story goes, it took the angler just over a half hour to reel it in. I think we all can agree he was probably pretty sore the next morning!


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Norway Angler Lands Largest Halibut Ever Caught from Shore