DNR Police

DNR Police Call Ice Fisherman to See if He Died

Oh you know, just the DNR police doing their due diligence. 

For the most part, ice fishing is a safe sport so long as the fisherman decides to play it safe. All too often, though, ice fishermen push the boundaries of what is and isn't safe ice and risk it all in the name of fishing. Every year, we hear stories of ice fishermen falling through the ice. While most are lucky enough to make it out, some are not. In this case, you're about to hear a rather crazy phone call from a DNR officer out of Maryland. Remarkably, the fisherman receiving the call has the sense to record the whole thing.

If I got this call, I'd immediately be at least a little nervous. However, in this case, the DNR officer was just following leads and trying to uncover a mystery regarding a possible ice fisherman who fell through the ice.

As of the time of this article, it isn't known whether or not a person is still missing, but at least the guy in the video turned out to be all right. Let's hope its all just a wild goose chase and everybody is OK!