Southern Forest World

The Story of the Mummified Hunting Dog That Was Found Inside a Hollow Tree

The remains of a dog in a tree trunk is something you don't see every day. 

As the story goes, sometime back in the 1960s down in Georgia, a hunting dog chased a raccoon up inside a hollow tree. The determined dog wouldn't relent from chasing the coon farther up towards the top of the tree, and it eventually got stuck.

Fast forward 20 years to 1980, some loggers were clearing woods and found the dog still stuck inside the tree trunk. Only now, it was mummified in the same position it died in.

Knowing what they had in their possession was something few had ever seen, they donated the tree to a roadside tree museum called Southern Forest World in Waycross, Georgia, and the rest was history. For only $5, you can walk inside and see the main attraction: "Stuckie," the mummified dog inside its log coffin.

As seen here, a sign on the display reads what most think happened here.

"A chimney effect occurred in the hollow tree, resulting in an upward draft of air. This caused the scent of the dead animal to be carried away, which otherwise would have attracted insects and other organisms that feed on dead animals. The hollow tree also provided relatively dry conditions, and the tannic acid of the oak helped harden the animal's skin."

You have to admit, this is pretty crazy. No hound dog would ever expect such a demise after squeezing into the center of the hollow tree. They have a one-track mind when they're on the hunt, and a hollow trunk would never be a tip off that something dangerous is afoot.

And no, don't make any "dogwood tree" jokes, please. The poor old thing...