ice hole

What Would You Do if You Saw This in Your Ice Hole?

Of all the things you expect to find in an ice hole, this definitely isn't one of them. 

For those about to ice fish, we salute you. It takes a special kind of person to layer up in all that clothing, walk out onto a frozen lake, drill a hole in it and hunker down over a bucket just to catch a fish. For them, it's hard to get too excited. There's a special kind misery to be out there when the fish aren't bitting. There's also a special kind of joy when the fish are crushing anything you drop down. However, when something like this happens to swim through a fisherman's ice hole, it can cause quite a stir.

Ice fishermen take great care of their ice holes. Lots of ice fishermen keep tools handy so they can make sure the holes stay free and clear of ice all day long. So, you can imagine how an ice fisherman would feel when a muskrat crawls out of their ice hole unexpectedly.

Thankfully, the fishermen in this video were brave enough to show how they dealt with a muskrat in their ice hole. Surprisingly, the it almost acted like it had been there before. Like most things, though, if you just ignore it, it'll probably go away. Thankfully, it did in this case.