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Vimeo: Mirr Ranch Group

$4M Nebraska Ranch Offers 1600-Acres of High-Fence and Free-Range Hunting

Compared to other exclusive western ranches for sale, this is almost a steal! 

We aren't saying $4 million is chump change. However, we've featured a few other fairly exclusive ranches for up to five times more with only slightly more property and a fraction of the wildlife.

So, if you're running around with several times my life's worth of money burning a whole in your pocket, here's your chance to spend it.

Watch the video below:

So yeah, that's pretty much every outdoorsman's dream right there for a hunting ranch. What does make this Nebraska ranch different than some of the others is the size of the actual home on the property. Measuring out to just less than 8,000 square feet, you have room to house several of your hunting buddies for the long haul.

Regardless of how you feel about them, having a pre-stocked, high-fence hunting preserve on your property is definitely nice. And, when you get tired of hunting elk, Pere David's deer or aoudad sheep, there are 1,600 non-fenced acres you can hunt to make things a little more challenging. 

You see guys, this is why people play Powerball. I've got my tickets.