peacock bass

Peacock Bass on the Fly Down in Brazil is a Fishing Dream Come True

There are few fish that can rival what a peacock bass can do to a fly fisherman. 

If you can get a group of 50 fly fishermen together in a room and ask them what their dream destination would be, odds are good more than few would want to fly fish for peacocks down in Brazil. Why? Well, the following short trailer for "Rio de Gigantes" featured in Catch Magazine expertly tells the story. It's not everyday a fishermen gets to experience the ferocious topwater action they get when chasing these jungle bass.

Watching those strips making those poppers dance like that really gets me excited for some of this hard water around me to thaw so I can get my fly rod out.

Now, you don't necessarily have to go all the way down to Brazil to get in on some incredible fly fishing like that. Actually, Florida has a very solid population of peacock bass that love eating flies. They don't get quite as big as their South American cousins, but they're peacock bass nonetheless.

It's only January, so let's all plan a trip down to the Marie River for sometime this summer. What do you say?