bigger lures

Video: Big Baits Land Big Lake Trout!

These are some of the biggest baits we've ever seen. 

When it comes to large lures, they normally catch pretty large fish. As you are about to see, these guys catch both a 30-pound and a 20-pound lake trout using 15-inch lures from Savage. One thing is for sure, though. No small fish is going to try to swallow one of these baits!

Those are some big trout! When it comes to muskie fishing, this philosophy is popular. You have guys out there throwing 1-pound lures these days. However, would this same principle work for smaller fish, like bluegill or crappie? Honestly, why not? This spring when all the ice melts and the panfish start to pre-spawn, get out there and throw some 5-inch Rapalas. Sure, you might get some bass, or you might catch a state-record bluegill.

Either way, though, I think I'm going to start chucking bigger baits myself!