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Discovery Channel

Largest Great White Shark Ever Filmed Caught on Camera Again

Deep Blue, the giant great white shark, was recorded again near California.

Just in time for Shark Week, here's a sight you likely won't forget. A diving crew off the coast of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula recently captured video of the famous great white shark known as Deep Blue.

Recorded initially for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week Special, Deep Blue was first seen three years ago.

Watch the video here:

Deep Blue is the largest great white shark known to have ever been recorded. These animals can live to around 70 years old, and this one's believed to be around 50. Surprisingly, the first time Deep Blue was recorded, she was pregnant.

It's hard not to picture a scene from "Jaws" as this monster shark swims near the dive crew. While the whale shark might have a size advantage, the great white sure has a bigger reputation. If you ask anyone from Florida or California, they'll tell you the fear the great white the most.

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