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Exactly Why Crawfish Are the Best Bait

crawfish for bait

Thinking of fishing for smallies or any other bass? Here's why crawfish for bait is the only answer.

All over the USA from Louisiana to Missouri and beyond, the venerable crawfish has a place in the bass fisherman's heart that cannot be denied. As a bait they are beyond compare, especially during their molt phase, which is when the freshwater crustaceans rule.

These little mudbugs have a vast number of things that will eat them, of which the black bass is certainly one of the most voracious.

Live crawfish are a staple of bait shops everywhere, and it's no wonder so many new artificial baits coming out are shaped like a craw in some way. Since our favorite game fish love them so much, it stands to reason that there are so many fishing tips surrounding them. Watching this short video will remind you of why they are so valuable when it comes to catching bass.

What could possibly be more voracious at eating the crawfish than the bronzeback? There are a million videos and articles surrounding the number one forage for one of our favorite all-time game fish!

The reason is surely obvious and worth a million more.

It's not a tough call for some to say that the most popular of the bass species--the largemouth--is the number reason for us to target as a crayfish eating machine . The fact remains that the jig-and-pig, and most of the crankbaits ever created were meant to mimic the live crawfish and put fish on our hooks!

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Exactly Why Crawfish Are the Best Bait