Deer Crash through window at barber shop

Three Deer Crash Through Local Barber Shop Window

These three deer definitely didn't have reservations at this barber shop.

We've seen it happen many times before. A deer crashes through a college dorm window. A buck makes local news by busting through the door at a local bar. Videos make the rounds online and across social media. And every time we see one while scrolling through our feeds, we'll still have to watch.

The scenes are so bizarre it's simply hard to look away. Well, it's time to add another story to that lineup.

This time, though, the scene is a neighborhood barber shop. These walk-ins made quite the scene.

Watch the video below:

| WBTV Charlotte

Typically when we think of a deer crash, we think of driving on country roads in Iowa, Illinois or Wisconsin in the early morning hours or late at night. That wasn't quite the case in this scenario, though.

Not one, but three deer decided to crash the barber shop. Because the door just isn't enough, the pair exited through both a window and the door, causing plenty of damage for the shop's owner. It's no secret that the highest risk of an encounter for a deer is during mating season when activity is random and varied, but these deer collisions were a bit out of the ordinary.

They definitely didn't pay their bill, much to the dismay of the shop owner who hadn't arranged for this type of coverage with her insurance company. We'll simply have to let the video speak for itself from here.

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