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Deer Breaks Through Wisconsin Bar Window, Hangs Out for a Drink

Deer jumps through a Wisconsin bar’s window and causes havoc.

A deer walks into a bar. Well, not quite. A deer jumped through a glass window and hung around the bar at Juniors Bar and Restaurant in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Dustin Hanson,the owner of the Junior Bar, said, “This morning when one of our employees was cleaning the restaurant a deer jumped through a plate glass window and spent 30 minutes walking around the restaurant.”

Watch the video the worker was able to capture after the deer breaks through the window.


The description of the video jokingly states that the Junior the Buck had a little too much Spotted Cow last night. The buck was roaming around the bar for awhile and even entered into the bathroom. Junior the Buck also ripped down a neon light which also tore down a part of the ceiling.

Police later arrived, and the deer jumped out of the same window he had broken when he entered.

The bar is in good humor with the incident posting “Deer Wanted” signs in the restaurant. Also, this Wednesday the staff will be wearing blaze orange and their special is venison sliders.


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Deer Breaks Through Wisconsin Bar Window, Hangs Out for a Drink