Green Sunfish Record

14-Year-Old Breaks Green Sunfish Record in Wyoming

It always happen when it's least expected!

Chris Castleman just won the fishing state lottery. He recently set hooks into what's now the new green sunfish record in Wyoming. It's not everyday someone breaks a sunfish or bluegill record, especially this time of year, but regardless, this lucky fisherman is now etched in his state's fishing history

As it was reported, Castleman was fishing with his father on Bryan Stock Trail Pond in Casper when the big fish hit on a worm. His father had been trying to leave to go home for a while, but Chris just wouldn't give it up. It was on the very last cast that he would strike gold.

As soon as the fish was on land, they knew that had a big sunfish. Other anglers nearby stated the same thing.

After hitting certified scales the next morning, the big fish measured out to just over 12 inches with an 11-inch girth, and weighed 1 pound, 4 ounces. This easily beat the old record by nearly six ounces.

As of today, Castleman plans to mount his record sunfish. Congrats on a great fish!