Kitten Gives Beagle as Much Love as He Can Handle

Like most siblings, this dog and cat have a complicated relationship.

Most of the time, one-year-old Craig and his adopted feline sibling are the best of friends. They've broken the mold that says cats and dogs can't get along, but even their relationship isn't perfect.

At only four-months old, Findlay the kitten is like any other pesky little brother. He can't pass up a chance to show his favorite canine some love and cause a little mischief in the process.

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All Craig wants to do is nap under his blanket fort, but Findlay has other ideas. The affectionate kitten covers the dog in licks and kisses. Craig doesn't bother opening his eyes at first, but Findlay isn't content to curl up and sleep.

The cat licks the dog's ears and face and is determined to give Craig's paws a good cleaning. But the feeling of the cat's rough tongue on his paw pads is too much for the patient pup to put up with.

A brief spat breaks out, but neither cat nor dog is intent on causing harm. All Craig wants is a little peace and quiet, but Findlay doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal space. The pair goes on with Craig trying to sleep and the kitten doing everything he can to show his brother some love.

Despite their adorable disagreement about nap time, these two friends obviously get along. Even when Craig has clearly had enough of his brother's antics, he never does anything to hurt the kitten.


Findlay has a lot to learn when it comes to the value of nap time, but we don't think it'll take long to forgive and forget. All Craig needs is a few minutes of uninterrupted snoozing to put him in a good mood.

In the meantime, these two furry friends spending time in a blanket fort is too adorable to resist. Feel free to watch their video on repeat - it only gets better each time you see it!

Do your dogs and cats get along? Let us know in the comments.

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