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Brett Eldredge's Lullaby Sang His Dog Right to Sleep

Country music singer Brett Eldredge is the most dedicated dog dad.

Edgar, the Weimaraner/Vizsla mix that's stealing hearts everywhere, is a huge part of Brett Eldredge's life. From the tour bus to backstage, the country duo is rarely apart.

Eldredge has raised Edgar since he was a tiny puppy, and the bond they share is clearly shown on all Eldredge's social media accounts.

Brett Eldredge's Dog Edgar

Edgar is frequently featured on Instagram and Facebook, and the cute pup has earned his very own fan base. Concert-goers hoist signs with Edgar's face hoping to catch a glimpse of Nashville's favorite dog, and his pictures and videos get thousands of likes. Brett proves his commitment to being the best dog dad by always making time in his schedule for quality time with his favorite furry friend.

They play fetch and work on training, but most of all, the country stars love to cuddle. Edgar falls asleep in his owner's arms, and Eldredge's latest video shows just how sweet their relationship is.

Brett Eldredge Sings Dog to Sleep

The talented singer sang a sweet rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" to lull his big to sleep, and fans can't help but fall even more in love. Edgar's eyes slowly close as his dog dad shows off his melodic voice. The kiss Eldredge plants on top of Edgar's head at the end is the best part.

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This article was originally published in September 2017.

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