Kevin VanDam
YouTube:Mossy Oak

Kevin VanDam Trades His Rod for a Shotgun to Hit the Turkey Woods

The world's most famous bass fisherman trades in his rod for a shotgun this time of year.

It is finally starting to feel like spring in many parts of the Midwest. The weather is warming up, and the turkeys are starting to gobble in the morning. We don't usually think of pro fishermen outside the tournament circuit. After all, when pro bass angler Kevin VanDam isn't holding a fishing rod, he's usually holding a trophy from a tournament he's won.

However, in this video from Mossy Oak, he heads into the spring woods with his two sons for some early season turkey hunting.

This quick video is guaranteed to get your adrenaline going before the start of turkey season in your area.

This video was short and sweet, but perfectly encapsulates what hunting and fishing are all about and that's family. Can we talk a moment about the ridiculous spurs on first gobbler that VanDam held up? That bird had some serious daggers coming off the back of his legs!

We suppose even a pro angler gets burned out on fishing every so often, especially when that's your main source of employment. We're glad to see he can sneak back to his Michigan farm during the busiest part of the fishing tournament season to spend time with his family.

This was entertaining to watch. We'd be interested in seeing more hunting videos from the VanDam family and their prime-looking Michigan property in the future.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get out spring turkey hunting after watching that. Opening day can't come soon enough!

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