topwater lures for bass

Here's a Kevin VanDam Knowledge Bomb on Topwater Lures for Bass

What better way to learn about topwater lures for bass than from KVD himself. 

Kevin VanDam is the undisputed king of competition bass fishing. His awards and payouts are staggering and he only seems to be getting better with age. It's for reasons like this that when KVD shares some knowledge, bass fishermen better listen. With this in mind, here is VanDam throwing some topwater lures for bass. What makes this special is that he is breaking down the how's and why's in the process.

Just check out this video below and see if you can't pick up on a few techniques. If you are like me, you'll watch it first with the volume off just to see his techniques. Then, turn the volume back on and listen to what he says. He is one impressive fisherman.

It's easy to see how he has been able to find the success he has in the world of competitive fishing. One big difference I notice right off the bat by how KVD fishes a popper style lure verus myself. He is just that much more aggressive. Of course a lot of that is condition specific, but he is giving that popper one solid pop.