Kaley Cuoco Adopts Two New Rabbits from Local Shelter, Cries Happy Tears

Actress Kaley Cuoco just added two rescue bunnies to her menagerie.

Last week, Hollywood actress Kaley Cuoco woke up and told her fiance, Karl Cook, that she wanted to adopt some rabbits. They went to the San Diego County Gaines Street shelter and quickly found the perfect pair.

In fact, the bunnies were so perfect that the 'Big Bang Theory' star was brought to tears. Her fiance asked her why she was crying to which she simply responded:

"Stop, we have to take them. Look at him. Oh my god. Yep, these are for sure the ones."

It seems like Karl has taken quickly to the rabbits, too.

The two albino female rabbits arrived at the shelter on January 16. Their history is unknown.


The adopted rabbits add to a growing menagerie, including other rescue bunnies.


Cuoco has a soft spot for rabbits, previously adopting three others from a shelter.


The actress is a vocal advocate for animal adoption, frequently working fundraisers and donating to animal causes.

Cuoco has also shown her love for animals as an active equestrian and an eye for 'horse-loving men.' She owns two horses and frequently shows them in competitions. She and Karl even met at a horse show. When she met miniature horses last year, she couldn't handle their cuteness.

In fact, she loves animals so much that her Instagram account is named after her and Karl's dog, Norman. Just by perusing her page, its easy to see she spends a lot of time around furry critters. More than half of her photos are with animals!

What do you think of Kaley Cuoco's new pets? Share your thoughts in the comments below—and tell us what animal you think she should adopt next!

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