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Ever Find a Rabbit's Nest in Your Yard? Here’s What to Do

rabbits nest

One of the most adorable things you can find in your own lawn is a rabbit's nest. Knowing what to do next is easy information to share.

The Ontario Wildlife Removal Facebook page was kind enough to share a bit info, combined with a nice video (yes, of cute baby bunnies) that will give you an idea of what a rabbits nest looks like, and what to do when you find one.

Check out the video here:

I found these in my own yard in the past, and it's just as he says in the video: "This just looks like a patch of dead grass"

Wild cottontail rabbits will spend hours making multiple nests with mouths full of... your own grass! They will put these dug-outs right in the middle of your lawn, or sometimes in your garden.

One good piece of advice is that the mother rabbit will only visit the nest once or twice a day at the most, so if you happen upon one of these little holes-full-of-bunnies, just leave them be and they will be gone before you know it.

Since wild rabbits can also be full of fleas, there's another good reason to take a picture and then leave.


Ever Find a Rabbit's Nest in Your Yard? Here’s What to Do