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Kid Returns Pine Cone to California Park with Adorable Note

A child who ‘stole’ a pine cone from Sequoia National Park returned it to the rangers with an adorable note saying just how sorry they were for taking it.

The conscience of a child can be a delicate thing. Teaching them something about the environment, the world they live in, and the creatures that call it home is one thing – showing them how to respect it is another.

Enter one youngster who thought a pinecone souvenir from the ground below the General Grant tree would be just the thing for their natural collection of ‘stuff’ back home. Now understand that this child had a change of heart and returned it:

To whom it may concern:
I took a pine cone out of the forest and I wanted to return it. I hope it will be placed near the General Grant tree because that is where I took it. I am sorry for my decision. Thank you.

The young park visitor sent the Giant Sequoia pinecone back to the famous park along with the heart-felt note decrying their deed. The park staff very much appreciated the gesture saying, “We are so glad this young person thought about the park’s preservation messages. Thanks for leaving Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks as you found them.”

The staff reiterated the importance of leaving the park intact when they added, “It’s a tough environment here. The animals need their nibbles and the area needs the seeds and vegetation. Also, cones and other plants deteriorate and help to create soil in this rocky environment.”

Whatever the case, one child has shown that even after a small mistake it’s possible to fix it and leave a smile on the faces of those charged with looking after our national parks. Once this gesture gains notice and makes the rounds it will shine a new light on the need for conservation in our parks and public lands.

Well done to this young person for shining a light on an important subject!



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Kid Returns Pine Cone to California Park with Adorable Note