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Snake Gets the Beat Down of a Lifetime from Mama Rabbit: Find out Why [VIDEO]

A mother rabbit attacks a snake with the ferocity of a mama grizzly bear as the snake tries to make a meal of her babies.

As the old saying goes, don’t get between a mama bear and her cubs. It might just as well resound, “Don’t get between a mama rabbit and her kits!”

A sizable black snake learned the hard way that making a meal of a baby rabbit is not as simple as it appears. The snake invaded the mother rabbit’s nest of young kits and looked to be coiling around at least one of the little furballs.

Suddenly we hear the panicked squeaking of a bunny in danger. In less time than it takes to say “Get away from my baby!” Mother rabbit bounds onto the scene and begins furiously biting and pulling the snake from its intended dinner.

That is impressive enough, but this protective mama isn’t going to be satisfied with simply scaring off the attacker. She pursues and puts a hurt on the reptile like you wouldn’t believe, biting it over and over again. She also receives a few bites herself from the snake.

She jumps and gyrates and pursues the fleeing serpent well after it has gone a considerable distance from the nest.

Adding to the drama are the voices of little children watching the battle unfold with their parents. The children enthusiastically root for the rabbit to defeat the snake.

This is the reality of nature in your own backyard, and in the form of a normally docile and fearful cottontail rabbit. Amazing!

Watching this video I could not help but think of the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where King Arthur and his men confront the beast at the Cave of Caerbannog.

“It has big, sharp…look at the bones!”

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Snake Gets the Beat Down of a Lifetime from Mama Rabbit: Find out Why [VIDEO]