Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey Exquisitely Responds to Dismissive Instagram Comment

Jim Shockey responds to a fellow hunter who left a snide comment.

If you've been in a Cabela's store or accidentally left the Outdoor Channel on for a few hours, it's fair to guess you know who Jim Shockey is.

If not, Shockey is a class-act outdoorsman who has been a guide for decades across many continents.

Yesterday, Shockey posted a lengthy thought on Facebook regarding a snide comment that was left on this Instagram post. The comment was left by Fade2BlackTV and can be found at the bottom of the picture.

The full text of Jim's response reads as follows:

"This will be a long one, my apologies!

Recently I posted a pic of me holding the back quarters of my New Zealand Whitetail. My intention was to share the joy I was feeling at that moment. After I posted that pic, I read the comments (thank all of you for commenting by the way) and happened to read a comment from Fade2blacktv about guides carrying the meat out for me. Now I know how hard I've worked to get where I am, how many thousands of miles I've hiked, how many heavy packs full of meat I've lugged back for my clients, my family or needy families around the world, so I don't need to prove myself to anybody anymore, but Fade2Black's comment made me wonder if this person was just too young to know I've been carrying meat out of the mountains for nearly 40-years now, or if Fade was just trying to be nasty on social media. Now normally I ignore snide comments, the world is filled with people who would rather put other people down, than rise up themselves, but I had a few minutes to kill and was curious about "Fade2Blacktv" ...so I googled him and found that a guy by the name of Brant Smith was producing a TV show for "ordinary hunters!" And he's got a website with sponsor logos and a sizzle reel (just like I do) and an interesting and "revolutionary" philosophy about hunting. Of course I can't be sure that Brant and Fade are the same person, but frankly I agree with Brant that hunting is too expensive and most can't afford a guided hunt. That said, I'm also an outfitter and a guide, so I have to be realistic knowing that the costs to run remote hunts are astronomical and prices for hunts are based on that. I also know there are NO outfitters or guides, ZERO, that own a private jet, because there isn't a lot of profit...they do it for the lifestyle. BUT Brant does have a point, hunting is getting too expensive, so honestly I'm all ears and would like nothing better than to have Brant and his FADE2Black TV show show me a practical way to make hunting more affordable. Long story short, I started following Brant on Instagram!! I'm listening Brant and if indeed you and Fade are the same person, please show me you are different than all the whining people I see on TV news casts these days, please show me you have answers not just complaints."