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It's GunnyTime, and the New Season on Outdoor Channel Has R. Lee Ermey Pumped

R. Lee Ermey, otherwise known as Gunny, is pumped about the new season of GunnyTime on Outdoor Channel.

GunnyTime, Outdoor Channel's inside look at the world's coolest guns, couldn't exist without R. Lee Ermey. And just before its newest season debuted this week, we got the chance to speak with Ermey about his experience and role as host of the show.

"If we don't let people know it's on Wednesday, June 29 at 7:30 p.m. ET, nobody will tune in," Gunny told me at the beginning of our talk. Little does he know, he's at the helm of one of the fastest growing followings behind a TV show based solely on firepower that the shooting industry has seen in some time.

Why is the show so great? Probably the "no holds barred" approach to ensuring it brings audiences the biggest and best. If not, it just blows things up, and that certainly works too.

Ermey's control (he owns the show) gives him the ability, to an extent, to do what he wants, with what he wants. I asked about his favorite moments on the show, and he said "Every show I do." Filming for the show almost always requires on-location access, and has brought him to places like Afghanistan and the middle of the Pacific on the USS Makin Island, a US Naval vessel.

Here's a look at season two:

He made it a point to mention that safety and education can maintain a place right near entertainment on the objective list, and mentioned women entering into the shooting world as well.

"It's a sport that it doesn't matter what your gender is," he said, "It's an equal opportunity sport."

I had to hit him up for some rapid fire questions before we hung up.

His first gun? A Daisy air rifle, a BB gun.

And no, he doesn't have it. But he got to be a rabbit hunting sharpshooter with the thing.


His ideal knife? A Ka-Bar, like the ones he used while her served.

Does he hunt? Yes, every season.

His all-time favorite gun? A 3,000-round per minute minigun.

His opinion on the best American-made gun? An M1 Garand, because "John C. Garand had it all wired together."

The most versatile round? A .30-06.

His favorite way to spend an afternoon? The shooting range, naturally.

Gunny_Kirsten_Owen Standup

His plans for the rest of the summer? Plenty of appearances, as well as a new show on Lifetime that involves helping veterans refurnish their homes. "I work with the military constantly," he added, and his connection with the armed services remains strong.

But what about his future? He's been around the block, and acquired a boatload of firearms knowledge along the way. But

"Oh they're lined up, waiting for me to get old so I can retire," he said. "Everybody wants to take my place. But that's okay, they'll just have to be patient, because I figure I have another 10 years, anyway."

Good to hear that Gunny will be around, doing what he loves and entertaining along the way, for a while still.


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It's GunnyTime, and the New Season on Outdoor Channel Has R. Lee Ermey Pumped