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Eva Shockey Flawlessly Deflects Repulsive Hate on Facebook

eva shockey

Eva Shockey continues to handle crazy anti-hunters across social media. 

Unfortunately, Eva Shockey isn't new to receiving disgusting and hateful remarks from different anti-hunters across the internet.

Read the crazy remarks below.


Here's what Eva said regarding the hateful comments:

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill
#ihavehaters 🙋🏼 #neverapologizeforbeingahunter"

Eva Shockey isn't new to handling this kind of negative attention from anti-hunters. Many could argue she's done a great job of promoting the importance of hunting and simply being an advocate for the sport.

We love her so much we made a video about her:

oembed rumble video here

The anti-hunters hate has even propelled Eva to the attention of mainstream media.

Some of Eva Shockey's tribe of loyal fans had things like this to say about the topic:

"This makes me so sad that people are so quick to judge and spew hateful words on social media. You're right, never apology for being an ethical hunter. You have way more fans than you do haters!!" Amanda C. 

In the meantime, be certain to support and promote positivity for legal and ethical hunting.

oembed rumble video here

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Eva Shockey Flawlessly Deflects Repulsive Hate on Facebook