Jerry vs Lena Miculek
YouTube: Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Dad vs Daughter Showdown: Jerry vs Lena Miculek in Backyard Shooting Competition

The only thing that can beat Jerry Miculek is another Miculek.

By now, all shooting enthusiasts know Jerry Miculek is the fastest shooter in the world. His reflexes and trigger finger are legendary, and he has the world records and titles to prove it. This leaves only one question. Who can beat Jerry Miculek?

Well, how about another Miculek? In his latest video, Jerry's daughter Lena shows up to give him a little friendly competition on the range. This ends up being the most wholesome shooting video we have seen in quite some time as the two egg each other on about equipment before getting down to serious business.

It is now time to see if the student can out-shoot the master!

This was a ton of fun. Now we see that Lena clearly inherited Jerry's competitive nature! The family dynamic of this video was off the charts and it made this one of the most fun shooting videos we have seen a while. It was not just Miculek vs Miculek here either. Brand vs brand came into play too with the whole Sig Sauer vs Smith & Wesson part. Being signed to deals with different sponsor brands seemed only to add an additional level of competitiveness between them.

The ribbing back and forth over equipment was hilarious though. Seriously Jerry? Smith & Wesson only gave you one magazine for this competition?

We also cannot recall the last time we saw Jerry miss this many shots. Did the pressure of competing against his own flesh and blood get to him? Jerry seemed a little rattled in this. He may have won the competition, but not before Lena narrowly beat him at the end. It has probably helped that she had access to the best teacher and the best backyard gun range all these years. We honestly hope this becomes a series of videos of them competing against each other.

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