Jerry Miculek
YouTube: Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Nails 1,000-Yard Off-Hand Shot in Under 2 Seconds

Yet another reason why Jerry Miculek is a living legend.

One of our favorite legendary pro shooters, Jerry Miculek, has literally made a career out of making impossible shots look easy. His speed shooting skills have left our jaws on the floor in amazement more than once. Whether he is popping of 23 shots in three seconds from a shotgun or 10 shots with an AR accurately into three targets in two seconds, there is no denying the man is good at what he does.

He also shines at distance shooting. A little while back we shared a video of him nailing a 1,000-yard shot with a .44 Magnum revolver. Today we have another 1,000-yard Jerry video to share.

This time he is using the Barrett .50 BMG. Plenty of people have made 1,000-yard shots with this anti-material rifle. However, how many have made the shot off-hand in just over two seconds flat? That is just what Jerry accomplishes in this amazing video.

Now that was an impressive shot! It is worth noting that the impact of the shot below the balloon is what caused it to pop, but this is still an incredible shot. I'm pretty sure I could be on the range all day with this rifle and not come anywhere close to hitting that target. We like the fact that they showed the drive from where he shot to the target. It helps put in perspective just how far this shot was.

Keep in mind the Barrett M107 he was using here comes in a whopping 34 pounds. That is a heavy rifle for anyone to fire accurately off-hand, much less only a foot off the target at 1,000 yards! This is one of those shots that had we not seen it on video, we would have had a hard time believing it.

Well done Jerry, we are not quite sure how you pull all these impossible shots off, but we sure have a lot of fun watching you do it!

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