Jerry Miculek
YouTube: Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Fires Off 100 Rounds in Just 18.3 Seconds

How fast can Jerry Miculek really burn through 100 rounds?

If you are familiar with Jerry Miculek, you know that this guy has almost superhuman abilities when comes to shooting. There is likely no other human alive that can match Jerry's speed on the gun range. Jerry's trigger finger is so fast that it wouldn't surprise us if the ATF tried to ban it.

We have seen Jerry pull off plenty of incredible speed feats. Running 23 shells through a shotgun in three seconds. Putting five shots on target in one second with an AR-15 and the time he popped off six shots with a Barrett .50 cal in just one second.

So, when we saw Jerry's latest video, which features a Calico M100 in .22 lr, we were quite intrigued. You see, the Calico has a 100-round magazine. In true Jerry fashion, he attempts to see how fast he can pull off 100 shots.

We must admit, this video shocked us a little. This was the first time Jerry has ever looked, well, human on the gun range! His trigger finger DOES get tired! Who would have thought? It is worth noting that the Calico rifles have notoriously heavy trigger pulls, but that just makes the 18.3 second time even more impressive. I shudder to think what my time would be by comparison trying this same stunt.

The Calico is a fascinating weapons system. If you are thinking they look like something out of a science fiction movie, you're not alone. This gun was first developed back in the 1980s and it just never really took off the way the designers probably originally hoped. They also developed a 9mm version that was meant for law enforcement purposes.

The most fascinating aspect of the design is the 100-round cylindrical magazines that helped make this latest stunt by Miculek possible. We love it. Thanks for finally confirming that Jerry Miculek is human after all Calico!

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