Jerry Miculek Shooting Tips
YouTube: Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Gives 5 Quick Revolver Tips to Make You a Better Shooter

Jerry Miculek's tips will make you a better shooter.

Every shooter wants to get faster and more accurate with their revolver and other handguns. It's why we keep heading back to the range, to continue practicing and working on our techniques until we get them right. However, no matter how much experience you have, one can always learn more to better themselves.

And if you're going to learn some new tips, you might as well learn from the very best and that's professional shooter Jerry Miculek. For those not familiar, this man was 21-time International Revolver Champion. He's also won numerous other gold medals and championships during his long career in the world of competitive shooting.

In truth, we could go on for hours about this man's accomplishments. Just know he knows what he's talking about. Today, he's giving five quick tips on shooting a revolver in less than four minutes. Take these tips to hear the next time you're at the range and you may decrease the size of your groups and your times.

Since going full-time as a pro shooter, Jerry shoots all day every day. It's safe to say he's honed his technique to perfection over the years. While the revolver is his specialty, he's equally talented with a semi-auto pistol, a rifle or shotgun in hand too. We are seriously hoping he starts making more of these short tip videos for other types of firearms too because we're always looking to learn more from the master.

It's also fascinating to see Jerry slowed down in this video. His speed is legendary, and we rarely get a great look at his grip, his stance, or the way his arms come into alignment before the shot. We also usually don't get a close look at that trigger finger in action. He makes it look easy, but he shifts things into another gear when it's time to compete.

Thanks for the quick tips Jerry, we'll be sure to utilize some of these the next time we're at the range!

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