YouTube:Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Runs Through 23 Shells in Just 3 Seconds

Try to count every round as Jerry Miculek unloads this shotgun.

It is not secret we are big fans of Jerry Miculek here at Wide Open Spaces. His videos are endlessly entertaining to watch because they depict shooting feats that do not seem humanly possible. We are talking about things like his popping off six shots with a Barrett .50 cal in under a second.

Or when he put 10 shots on three targets in under two seconds flat. How about when he hit a balloon at 325-yards with an open-sighted shotgun while holding it off-hand?

The man is a living legend, but it is his speed that puts our jaws on the floor again and again. Today we are sharing another one of his shotgun videos. This time, he fires off 23 shots, WITH accuracy in only three seconds.

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You have to love the man's enthusiasm and laughter every time he pulls off a feat like this. One would think he'd get bored with shooting after a while, but it is clear he enjoys it as much now as ever.

The Mossberg JM series of shotguns are semi-automatic, but Jerry makes these guns sound like they are running on full auto at times. It is little wonder Mossberg and other gunmakers provide the man with all the tools and ammo one could ever need. How does Jerry shoot this fast and accurately? Well, he has said in interviews that he spends all day every day at the range. The man's muscle memory for shooting must be off the charts at this point.

The fact that he holds so many world records is a further testament to that. Some of the records he has set may very well never be broken. Watching Jerry's skills is like watching a video game or action movie come to life. We all know how difficult it is to become proficient with any firearm. Jerry makes it look easy every time.