It Takes Some Serious Skill To Kill A Public Land Black Bear On Foot With A Recurve Bow

It Takes Skill to Kill a Public-Land Black Bear on Foot with a Recurve Bow

Few hunters have what it takes to kill a public-land black bear with a recurve bow on foot. Not only did this hunter do that, but he did it twice in two days!

The day after he shot a public-land black bear in Arkansas with his recurve bow, Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb decided to see if lightning would strike the same place twice by heading back out in search of another bear. This time he hunted on the Oklahoma side of the border.  

Oklahoma and Arkansas are not considered premier bear-hunting states, and spot-and-stalk bear hunting is really tough in that part of the country. However, he applied the knowledge he gained about the general location of the food sources the bears were hitting in Arkansas.

As you can see, he managed to put it all together and take a second public-land black bear in as many days with his recurve bow. Oh, and by the way, he also shot a 10-point buck with his bow in the Ozark Mountains just a few days later.

What a week of hunting! How many hunters have taken two public-land black bears (on foot no less) and a 10-point buck with a traditional bow in such a short period of time ?

There is a certain amount of luck involved in any successful hunt, but you don't see guys have such a great string of success on difficult hunts like these without a ton of preparation and hard work.

Nice work, Clay!

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